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1031 Seminars and Classes

The following 1031 courses and tax deferred investment classes are offered by 1031 Corporation Exchange Professionals. Please contact us if you would like further information or have questions about designing a custom 1031 exchange workshop or investment seminar for your organization or group.

EXCH 101: Introduction to 1031 Exchanges

This class provides the basics of a 1031 exchange, the definition of a "like-kind" exchange, investor motives and the delayed exchange process. We will cover the basic rules of a 1031 exchange and provide some background on 1031 Corporation and its affiliation with FirstBank. This class is offered as a One Continuing Education (1 CE) Credit Class.

Its intended audience is Realtors, Accountants, Attorneys, Lenders and Financial Advisors that desire a brief overview of IRC Section 1031 rules and the forward, delayed exchange process.

EXCH 201: Everything You Wanted to Know About 1031 Exchanges

Our most popular seminar format is this Two Hour Continuing Education (2 CE credits) class. In addition to providing the basic rules of IRC Section 1031, this class provides a basic understanding of the Reverse and Improvement exchange process. We will also discuss the role of the Qualified Intermediary and investor motivations for a 1031 exchange. This class will also highlight strategies involving the section 121 Primary Residence rules used in combination with a 1031 exchange.

This class is intended for Real Estate, Financial and Legal Professionals that would like a good working knowledge of the most common 1031 exchange processes.

EXCH 401: Advanced 1031 Exchange Strategies

This class provides a short overview of the basics of an exchange and quickly moves to more advanced 1031 exchange strategy and structure. It briefly covers the Delayed exchange process and provides a quick review of the basic rules.

Time will be dedicated to the Reverse exchange and Improvement exchange process and the unique structure and financing considerations these exchanges create. Partnership issues, related party concerns and seller carry-back notes are also addressed.

Advanced exchange strategy involving personal residences and vacation properties as well as other exit strategy options such as upREITs and Tenant In Common (TIC) ownership will be addressed.

This class is intended for Financial and Legal Professionals that have previously taken a course on 1031 exchange basics or have a general knowledge of 1031 exchange rules and processes and would like to further their knowledge of this beneficial tax strategy. It is available in one, two and four hour Continuing Education (1 CE, 2 CE or 4 CE credits) formats.

INVEST 401: Tax Deferred Real Estate Investing

This offering provides for a combination of two of the most powerful tax deferred real estate strategies remaining today. It is offered as a four hour Continuing Education (4 CE credit) class and is intended for Realtors, Accountants, Attorneys, Financial Advisors as well as individual investors.

The first two hours will follow the class outline of the class titled, Everything You Wanted to Know about 1031 Exchanges. It will be offered by 1031 Corporation Exchange Professionals staff.

The final two hours will be taught by Entrust New Direction IRA staff and will discuss real estate investments as an alternative for self-directed IRAs. This program explores the overlooked truths buried in IRC sections 408 and 401, Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs) and section 401(k) plans. The participant will learn that securities are only a small part of what is available for investment, and that non-traditional investments such as real estate, mortgages, private placements, and precious metals are all possible and legal.

CONST 201: Reverse and Improvement Exchanges

Reverse and improvements exchanges significantly expand the potential application of the tax benefits of Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 to allow the improvement of property with pre-tax dollars and the acquisition of property prior to the sale of relinquished property.

This two hour Continuing Education Credit (2 CE credit) seminar explains what these exchanges are, when they should and should not be considered, how to properly structure them - taking into account both tax and non-tax issues, and how to select and work with an accommodator.

It is intended for Real Estate Professionals, Financial and Legal Advisors as well as individual investors that would like an in-depth knowledge on this powerful exchange strategy.

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