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Rates & Fees

Our Fees and Interest Paid on Exchange Funds Interest Earned on Exchange Funds

Our clients earn a competitive rate on their 1031 exchange proceeds. All interest earned is paid at the end of the exchange period. The interest rate may change every Wednesday and on the first business day of each month.

Delayed Exchanges:

  • $400 - Payable at closing of Relinquished Property.
  • $400 - Payable at closing of each Replacement Property.

The Delayed Exchange fees may vary based on the value and complexity of the exchange.

Reverse & Improvement Fees (Title Holding Fees):

  • $3,500 - Safe Harbor Exchange.

Title holding fees are payable at the closing of the property being purchased. Exchange fees are payable in addition to title holding fees at Relinquished and Replacement Property closings as described above for "forward exchanges". If improvements are made while we are in title, an additional $1,000 per $1,000,000 in construction value is assessed. The Reverse Exchange fees may vary based on the value, location and complexity of the exchange.

Additional Services:

  • $500 - Use of LLC for Sales/Use Tax Purposes - for use in a personal property exchange.
  • $500 - Assistance with Seller Financing - 1031 Corporation will take assignment of the promissory note until arrangements for a note disposition can be provided. Fee is payable at closing of Relinquished Property.

Strategy and Consultation

Our services include strategy and consultation throughout your exchange at no additional fee.

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